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Life is good! – A test – by Hans-Jürgen John

Life is good! – A test – by Hans-Jürgen John

— The title was chosen based on the book title of a Swiss author – Alex Capus – for german version please scroll down —

Look around! Where are you? What do you see? Take a few seconds and write it down please.

Who are you? How are you? Please take a few seconds and write it down.

That’s a simple test. You can be honest. No one but you will know the result.

In search of purpose in life and basis of existence

In 2009 I came to Switzerland. My last job in Germany earned me 6 Euro 43 Cent per hour. Lots of money for the hungry – little if you have to pay rent, insurance, taxes and many jobs require a car – mobility.

So I went to the Promised Land – Switzerland – situated in the middle of Europe – peacefully – and blessed with a high standard of living.

You are the starting point of your new life

So, did you write something down about yourself? Are you brave enough to learn something about yourself? Don’t be afraid. You’ll be surprised.

There are books, entire libraries. Only written about the meaning of life. And how to behave in order to become happy and successful.

The good news is, everything you want and you can do is in you. The challenge is: You have to decide. Ongoing.

First: Do you want to be a good person? Do you feel it? Everything that follows is dominated by it. No matter what happened before. Then it doesn’t matter if you murdered and tortured people or not. Whether you’re a Nobel Peace Prize laureate or not. Whether you’re illiterate or beggar. That’s the miracle. You are the starting point of your new life.

Look around you. Richard DiPilla founded the Global Goodwill Ambassadors initiative. Why – he explained that.

It is much more. I see people all over the world who realize that goodwill is everywhere. People honored as Global Goodwill Ambassadors are role models. Often they work almost unnoticed. And do their job. Global Goodwill Ambassadors give a face to their humanitarian work worldwide. And now GGAs present their work.

Do you remember our test?

You wrote down where you are and what you see. And who you are and how you feel.

What’s all this about? You’re gonna wonder. Remember the headline? Life is simple!

Here is the result of the test. Look at what you wrote down.

Where are you?

The sum of your choices has brought you here. Or someone else’s decision? Always make sure that you determine your destiny. Or are you comfortable following other people’s decisions? The only important thing is that you feel comfortable. Be it in the slum areas in Calcutta or the street gorges of New York.

What do you see?

If you have written: ”Heaven” – you may no longer be on earth or be a great visionary like Richard DiPilla. If you have written: “the rain – the sky cries” – work on your positive attitude. What you see you have imagined at some point and what you imagine you get – fate is more reliable than Amazon.

Maybe your attitude changes: “the rain – it brings water to so many living beings and makes the plants grow”.

Who are you?

Did you write – loser? Successful businessman? Mother or father? Victim? Or just your name? The only thing that matters is you deal with it.

It doesn’t matter what others think or say about you. You’re the one you want to be. Bad childhood? Poverty? Disability? Divorce? Troubles? No more excuses! Change what you do not like.

How are you feeling?

Here’s what you wrote down what all is really about. Some say feelings are superfluous. To show them even more.


Because they know what incredible power have feelings. No government in the world can stop the people who want peace and freedom. No one can permanently separate a loving mother from her child. Hunger makes us walk hundreds of miles. Look around you: Look at what men created because they want to please women. Simply incredible what creates love.

You are looking for miracles? Look around – you live in a miracle. You wait to be reborn into paradise and new life? You get what you believe in.

If you wait for reincarnation you might endure poverty and discrimination today. If you focus on waiting do not wonder that those striving for success and happiness today and now overtake you on the left hand side ….

Life is good - Smiles - photo by Daniel Xavier
Smiles – photo by Daniel Xavier

Life is good – or it will be good the more you believe in it with all your heart and repeat this sentence of faith.

Feelings are at the beginning of every big thing. Use this knowledge. Either to change your present condition or to strengthen it.

If you like and love people, you will become a great humanitarian. Not because you choose to be one. If you do everything important in your life out of a feeling you will be successful in it.

Whether it is a religion that acts with love or people’s longing for a life after death. Feelings govern us. The same applies to faith in us or in something.

To all the traders out there – please don’t buy and sell shares and warrants as of today by feeling – we don’t need another financial crisis.

The readers who didn’t write anything down

And now what? Let’s get to the readers who didn’t write anything down. They didn’t have a pencil with them. Or no paper at hand. And no smartphone. Or worse?

What does it take to follow instructions? If only such a simple request? Not knowing where it is headed? Life is good – therefore you should add to yours …


Are you a person who trusts others? Even if they just show you the way to the next street corner in your life?

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